15 Simple Rhinestone Nail Designs for Elegant Looks

Discover easy rhinestone nail designs that will add a touch of glamour to your everyday style.

Single Rhinestone Accent: Place a Single, Large Rhinestone On Each Ring Finger for a Subtle Sparkle

single rhinestone accent place a single large rhinestone on each ring finger for a subtle sparkle

This design adds a modest yet elegant touch, focusing the sparkle primarily on your ring fingers.

Rhinestone Tips: Apply Small Rhinestones Along the Tips of the Nails, Creating a Sparkly French Tip Effect

rhinestone tips apply small rhinestones along the tips of the nails creating a sparkly french tip effect

This design enhances the classic French manicure by substituting the traditional white tips with small, sparkling rhinestones for a touch of glamour.

Diagonal Rhinestone Stripe: Create a Thin Diagonal Stripe of Small Rhinestones Across Each Nail

diagonal rhinestone stripe create a thin diagonal stripe of small rhinestones across each nail

This design adds a touch of elegance and shimmer, enhancing the nails with a linear sparkle that catches the light beautifully.

Rhinestone Half Moon: Embellish the Base of Each Nail With a Half-moon Shape Made of Tiny Rhinestones

rhinestone half moon embellish the base of each nail with a half moon shape made of tiny rhinestones

This design features a delicate crescent of small rhinestones placed at the nail’s base, adding a touch of elegance and sparkle.

Rhinestone Outlines: Outline Each Nail With Tiny Rhinestones for a Framed, Elegant Look

rhinestone outlines outline each nail with tiny rhinestones for a framed elegant look

This design enhances each nail’s shape by encircling them with sparkling rhinestones, adding a refined and glamorous edge to your manicure.

Random Rhinestone Scatter: Randomly Place a Mix of Small and Medium Rhinestones On Each Nail

random rhinestone scatter randomly place a mix of small and medium rhinestones on each nail

The Random Rhinestone Scatter delivers an eclectic and sparkling aesthetic, effortlessly enhancing each nail with a non-uniform pattern of varied rhinestone sizes.

Centered Rhinestone Cluster: Cluster a Few Rhinestones in the Center of Each Nail for a Dazzling Effect

centered rhinestone cluster cluster a few rhinestones in the center of each nail for a dazzling effect

This design concentrates the sparkle, drawing attention to the middle of each nail for a striking and centralized shimmer.

Rhinestone Cross: Design a Small Cross With Rhinestones in the Middle of Each Nail

rhinestone cross design a small cross with rhinestones in the middle of each nail

This design focuses on a minimalist appeal, featuring a neatly placed cross of rhinestones that provides a serene yet sophisticated highlight to the nails.

Rhinestone Edges: Adorn Just One Edge of Each Nail With Small Rhinestones

rhinestone edges adorn just one edge of each nail with small rhinestones

This design enhances the nails by adding a shimmering line of small rhinestones along one side, offering a unique and subtle decorative touch.

Alternate Rhinestone Nails: Apply Rhinestones to Every Other Nail for a Balanced Yet Striking Look

alternate rhinestone nails apply rhinestones to every other nail for a balanced yet striking look

This design provides an engaging visual contrast, focusing the eye while maintaining elegant simplicity.

Vertical Rhinestone Line: Glue a Vertical Line of Small Rhinestones Down the Center of Each Nail

vertical rhinestone line glue a vertical line of small rhinestones down the center of each nail

This design enhances nail length by drawing the eye along a sparkling path of aligned rhinestones.

Rhinestone Constellations: Arrange Rhinestones in the Pattern of Different Constellations On Each Nail

rhinestone constellations arrange rhinestones in the pattern of different constellations on each nail

This design playfully mimics the night sky by positioning rhinestones to represent stars in various celestial patterns.

Crescent Rhinestone Design: Create a Crescent With Rhinestones Along One Side of Each Nail

crescent rhinestone design create a crescent with rhinestones along one side of each nail

This design adds a delicate, lunar-inspired sparkle by adorning one side of each nail with a curved line of rhinestones, resembling a crescent moon.

Polka Dot Rhinestones: Place Rhinestones in a Polka Dot Pattern Over a Matte Nail Polish

polka dot rhinestones place rhinestones in a polka dot pattern over a matte nail polish

This playful design adds a whimsical touch by dotting the nails with rhinestones against a contrasting matte backdrop.

Rhinestone V-Tips: Create a V-shape With Small Rhinestones At the Tips of the Nails

rhinestone v tips create a v shape with small rhinestones at the tips of the nails

This design emphasizes the tips of your nails with a striking V-shaped arrangement of sparkly rhinestones, adding an edgy twist to classic manicures.

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