15 Simple Beach Nails Ideas for Perfect Summer Vibes

Get ready to adorn your nails with stylish yet straightforward designs perfect for your next beach getaway.

Ombre Sunset: Gradient From Yellow to Orange to Red

ombre sunset gradient from yellow to orange to red

Capture the majestic end of a sun-drenched day on your nails with a seamless blend from daylight’s bright yellow to twilight’s warm orange, culminating in the deep, romantic hues of a sunset red.

Sandy Glitter: Nude Base With Gold Glitter Tips

sandy glitter nude base with gold glitter tips

Capture the beach’s sparkle at your fingertips with a subtle nude polish adorned by a shimmering cascade of gold at the tips, evocative of sunlit sands.

Wave Accents: Blue Polish With White Wave Designs

wave accents blue polish with white wave designs

Capture the ebb and flow of the sea on your fingertips with swirls of white crested atop a deep blue base.

Starfish Art: Beige Nails With Small Starfish Decals

starfish art beige nails with small starfish decals

Adorn your nails with tiny starfish stickers to capture the playful essence of the seaside.

Turquoise Waters: Shimmery Turquoise All-over Color

turquoise waters shimmery turquoise all over color

Capturing the essence of the ocean, coat your nails in a shimmery turquoise polish for an aquatic vibe.

Seafoam Bubbles: Light Green With Tiny White Dot Accents

seafoam bubbles light green with tiny white dot accents

The seafoam bubbles design mimics the frothy lace of sea spray with its speckled pattern, adding a playful touch to your beachy nail aesthetic.

Tropical Palm: Green Palm Leaf Designs On a Clear Base

tropical palm green palm leaf designs on a clear base

Channel the lush vibes of an island paradise with subtle green fronds adorning a sheer backdrop.

Seashell Pink: Soft Pink Nails With Iridescent Flakes

seashell pink soft pink nails with iridescent flakes

Channel ocean treasures with a coat of soft pink polish, elevated by the addition of sparkling iridescent flakes that catch the light like delicate seashells strewn across the sand.

Nautical Stripes: Alternating Blue and White Stripes

nautical stripes alternating blue and white stripes

Capture the essence of the sea with a classic maritime touch, featuring alternating stripes of crisp white and deep sea blue.

Pearl Dots: Creamy Base With Small Pearl-like Dots

pearl dots creamy base with small pearl like dots

Picture your nails adorned with delicate dots that gleam like pearls freshly plucked from the ocean’s depths, adding a touch of maritime elegance to your look.

Marine Life: Accent Nails With Fish or Turtle Stickers

marine life accent nails with fish or turtle stickers

Adorn your nails with the ocean’s charm by applying delicate fish or turtle stickers for a playful aquatic touch.

Sun-kissed Gold: Sunny Yellow With a Golden Shimmer Topcoat

sun kissed gold sunny yellow with a golden shimmer topcoat

Emulate the glow of a perfect beach sunset on your nails with a vibrant yellow polish capped off by a dazzling golden shimmer.

Coral Reef: Coral Orange Nails With Gold Glitter

coral reef coral orange nails with gold glitter

Capture the underwater splendor with a vibrant coral base complemented by a sparkling dusting of gold as if kissed by the sun.

Sailor Anchor: Navy Nail With a Tiny White Anchor Decal

sailor anchor navy nail with a tiny white anchor decal

Anchor your look with a single, striking white decal set against deep navy polish for a maritime vibe.

Clear Blue: Glossy, Translucent Blue Resembling Water

clear blue glossy translucent blue resembling water

Emulate the serene essence of calm waters with a glossy, see-through blue polish that brings a touch of the ocean to your fingertips.

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