4 Sure-Fire Steps to Finding a Colorful Name for Your Nail Salon Business

When naming your nail salon business, there’s a lot to consider, from the core services you’re offering to your target customers and your brand tone. 

For one, the success of any nail salon business depends a lot on the referrals of happy customers. The best way to make your nail salon ‘referral friendly’ is to give it a name that sounds fun, catchy, professional, and memorable. And that’s precisely what we’ve helped over 35,000 entrepreneurs do at Squadhelp.

And based on our in-depth experience with business naming, here are three-surefire ways to find a colorful name that’d help your business instantly connect with your customers.

Understand Your Brand

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Your name is an integral part of your brand. So be sure you thoroughly study your brand because it’s a sure way to discover a colorful business name. You’d end up spending more time brainstorming if you don’t have a clear mental picture of your nail salon’s brand identity.

And so you know, your business is your venture, but your brand is the image of your company and how you want to be perceived by your customers. 

Let’s take a moment to consider Accenture. For anyone familiar with the company, Accenture’s brand image instantly comes to mind, but for those who aren’t familiar with the company, its name, Accenture, communicates the brand to them. And Accenture communicates its identity as a professional, prestigious, and modern company. 

Accenture carefully chose a name that fully embraced its professional and future-focused identity. This name won’t fit a business like Lyft because it won’t express who they are—their brand—and what they do—their business.

Start Brainstorming Appealing Names

Now that you’ve successfully completed the foundation stage, things are about to get interesting. Use the knowledge you’ve gained about your brand to draft up the criteria that your chosen name must satisfy. You don’t have to do this alone. 

You can gather a team and let them in on your business’s requirements. Let the brainstorming begin once your team understands your nail salon’s brand and the kind of name it needs.

As you brainstorm, don’t spend time worrying about analyzing the ideas you come up with. Doing that can cut off your flow of ideas. Instead, take up a pen and paper and simply write down any and every name idea you think of. Write down the ones you feel are good enough and the ones you feel aren’t. 

Your focus must be on coming up with as many good names for business as you can. And to further ease the process of brainstorming, use any of these tools:

  • Thesaurus or dictionary
  • Name Generators to help with beauty business name ideas 
  • Rhyme books
  • Use prominent slang in the nail salon business
  • Visual words, perhaps something connected to a specific color.

Additionally, keep your customers in mind and only come up with words that will connect with them.

When your brainstorming is over, you should have written down about 200 names to satisfy your naming needs. This will give you enough alternatives to choose from when you start filtering your list.

After generating a comprehensive list of exciting potential names for your nail salon, the next step involves analyzing each name to determine which one(s) fit your tone, value proposition, and how effectively they reflect the spirit of your brand. You should also consider how they sound and appear on various media, including social media and paper.

After analyzing your list of potential brand names and selecting only those that fit this criterion, you should have less than ten names left.


We are pretty sure one of the names among your top final names would end up becoming the best name you’ve been seeking. But before we can be totally certain and call for a celebration, your ‘potential brand name finalists’ must pass a few key litmus tests.

This serves as the ultimate analysis to affirm that your best name choice really is the best. And you do that by:

  • Getting Feedback From Your Audience: Your name must be appealing to your target audience; therefore, running it through them is vital. To do this, you can ask anyone you meet at a coffee shop or outdoors what they think about the names you’ve generated. Also, don’t ignore getting honest input from your friends and family.
  • Check for Matching Domain Name: You have to confirm and be sure that your potential name has an available matching domain. Your online presence will only thrive if customers can easily access it.
  • Trademark: Finally, you have to make sure you’re not choosing an already trademarked name, and if not, whether the name can be protected with a trademark. Leveraging a legal professional’s expertise will help you immensely.

The Takeaway

Picking a colorful name will positively influence your nail salon’s success since great names have the capacity to generate sales and raise your financial success. A great company name that matches the tone and personality of your firm and appeals to your targeted audience will draw clients to you and make your business easy to refer to others.

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