15 Gender Reveal Nail Ideas for Your Special Announcement

Discover a range of nail design ideas perfect for adding a creative touch to your gender reveal celebration.

Pink and Blue Ombre Nails

pink and blue ombre nails

Fading effortlessly from one end to the other, these nails sport a gradient from soft baby pink to sky blue, embodying the classic hues associated with newborns.

Baby Footprint Accent Nails

baby footprint accent nails

Adorn your nails with delicate pink or blue baby footprints for a subtle nod to your future little one’s gender.

“It’s A…” Hidden Message Nails

its a. hidden message nails

Reveal the baby’s gender with a surprise message tucked beneath a peelable topcoat, making for a playful twist on the classic reveal.

Gender Reveal Question Mark Design

gender reveal question mark design

Sport a whimsical twist with a bold question mark on each nail, playfully keeping friends and family guessing until the big reveal.

Glitter-filled Popper Accent Nails

glitter filled popper accent nails

Capture the fizzy excitement of a gender reveal with a single nail mimicking a party popper, bursting with pink or blue glitter that hints at your baby’s gender.

Stork Carrying a Baby Bundle Nail Art

stork carrying a baby bundle nail art

Capture the magic of delivery with a charming stork and baby bundle design, symbolizing the awaited arrival of your little one.

Gender Reveal Scratch-off Polish

Swipe on a layer of scratch-off polish that, once dried, conceals a pink or blue hue beneath, ready for the big reveal with a coin’s edge.

Confetti-filled Clear Nails

confetti filled clear nails

Transparent nails encapsulating a burst of pink and blue confetti make for a playful reveal as the colors tumble out with each flourish of the hands.

Ultrasound Image Nail Stickers

ultrasound image nail stickers

Ultrasound image nail stickers showcase the first glimpse of the baby, adding a deeply personal touch to your gender reveal.

Pink and Blue French Tip Twist

pink and blue french tip twist

Revamp the classic French manicure by alternating pink and blue tips, a subtle yet chic nod to the anticipated reveal.

Baby Onesie Silhouette Art

baby onesie silhouette art

Adorn your nails with delicate baby onesie silhouettes, choosing either blue or pink to reveal your upcoming bundle of joy’s gender.

Chromatic Shift Polish (changes From Pink to Blue)

chromatic shift polish changes from pink to blue

Chromatic shift polish adds an interactive twist, seamlessly transitioning from pink to blue as it catches different angles and temperatures, mirroring the anticipation and surprise of a gender reveal.

Pacifier Charm Nail Embellishments

pacifier charm nail embellishments

Adorn your nails with tiny pacifier charms as a playful nod to the little one on the way.

Pink and Blue Matte Polish With Glossy Spots

pink and blue matte polish with glossy spots

Contrast meets subtlety with nails painted in pink and blue matte finishes, accentuated by glossy dots that add a playful hint of shine.

Stencil Art of Classic Boy or Girl Toys

stencil art of classic boy or girl toys

Incorporate traditional toy stencils, like miniature cars or dolls, to give a subtle nod to the baby’s gender.

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