15 December Nail Ideas for Festive Holiday Manicures

Discover festive December nail ideas that will have your clients ringing in the holiday spirit with style.

Snowflake Accent Nails

snowflake accent nails

Delicate snowflake designs on one or two fingers add a touch of wintery charm to your manicure.

Glitter Ombre Nails

glitter ombre nails

Transition from a starry night sky at your fingertips with dark hues giving way to shimmering tips, perfect for December’s festive cocktail hours and cheerful gatherings.

Festive Plaid Patterns

festive plaid patterns

Capture the cozy vibes of the season with crisscross lines in traditional holiday colors adorning your nails.

Candy Cane Stripes

candy cane stripes

Capture the essence of the season with alternating red and white stripes, reminiscent of the classic holiday sweet.

Winter Wonderland Scene

winter wonderland scene

Visualize a serene, snowy landscape on your nails, complete with delicate snowflakes and shimmering icicles that reflect the essence of a tranquil December retreat.

Sparkling Snow Drifts

sparkling snow drifts

Capture the serene beauty of a winter landscape with nails dusted in fine, iridescent glitter that mimics freshly fallen snow.

Christmas Bauble Tips

christmas bauble tips

Adorn your fingertips with miniature versions of your favorite festive ornaments, adding a touch of yuletide cheer to every gesture.

Polar Bear Art

polar bear art

Polar bear art transforms your nails into a playful, Arctic-inspired canvas, perfect for making a whimsical statement during the holiday season.

Icy Blue Glitter Nails

icy blue glitter nails

Channel the chill of December with nails that shimmer like a freshly frosted landscape, combining cool, icy tones with a dash of sparkle.

Poinsettia Petal Design

poinsettia petal design

Adorn your nails with the vibrant red and deep green hues of the poinsettia, embodying the festive spirit of December.

Hanukkah Dreidel Motifs

hanukkah dreidel motifs

Incorporate dreidel designs with Hebrew letters in shades of blue and silver for a celebratory Hanukkah tribute.

Silver Bells Accents

silver bells accents

Adorn your nails with delicate silver accents, mimicking the timeless charm of festive bells for a subtle, yet sophisticated holiday touch.

Classic Red With Gold Flakes

classic red with gold flakes

A dash of opulence, this design pairs a vibrant red base with shimmering gold specks for a luxurious holiday look.

Mistletoe Nail Decals

mistletoe nail decals

Adorn your nails with mistletoe decals for a subtle, yet festive kiss of holiday spirit.

Holiday Sweater Textures

holiday sweater textures

Embrace the cozy charm of the season with nails mimicking the knitted patterns of a classic holiday sweater.

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