15 Burgundy Nails Designs to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Discover a selection of elegant burgundy nail ideas that cater to a variety of tastes, from the minimalist to the extravagantly artistic.

Matte Burgundy With Gold Flakes

matte burgundy with gold flakes

Subtle yet striking, the combination of a velvety matte finish with specks of gold gives a luxurious twist to the classic burgundy manicure.

Burgundy French Tips With a Glossy Finish

burgundy french tips with a glossy finish

Elevate the classic French manicure by swapping white tips for a rich burgundy hue, sealed with a high-gloss topcoat for lasting sheen.

Burgundy and Black Ombre Nails

burgundy and black ombre nails

Set a daring tone with the seamless gradient of deep burgundy fading into jet black, a sophisticated twist that adds a touch of mystery to your nails.

Glittery Burgundy Accent Nail With Solid Colors

glittery burgundy accent nail with solid colors

Accentuate a classic burgundy manicure by adding a touch of sparkle to one finger on each hand, infusing a sense of luxury and drawing attention to an otherwise uniform color palette.

Burgundy Nails With White Lace Patterns

burgundy nails with white lace patterns

Incorporating white lace patterns onto a burgundy base adds a touch of elegance, creating a visually intricate and romantic finish to the nails.

Deep Burgundy With Chrome Effect

deep burgundy with chrome effect

Elevate the richness of deep burgundy nails by adding a chrome effect, which adds a mirror-like sheen for a bold and modern twist.

Burgundy Nails With Silver Geometric Lines

burgundy nails with silver geometric lines

Incorporate elegance into your manicure by pairing the deep tones of burgundy with striking silver lines, creating a sophisticated geometric pattern that enhances the nails’ artistic appeal.

Velvet Textured Burgundy Nail Design

velvet textured burgundy nail design

Embrace the luxe feel of velvet textured nails where the rich burgundy hue adds a touch of sophisticated glamour to your look.

Burgundy and Pink Marble Effect

burgundy and pink marble effect

A burgundy and pink marble effect adds a luxurious and feminine swirl to your nail design, perfect for those who want a touch of elegance.

Burgundy Nails With Tiny Rhinestone Embellishments

burgundy nails with tiny rhinestone embellishments

Tiny rhinestones add a luxurious sparkle to rich burgundy polish, creating an elegant, eye-catching manicure suitable for both daily wear and special occasions.

Half-moon Manicure With a Burgundy and Nude Combo

half moon manicure with a burgundy and nude combo

The contrast of the rich, deep burgundy against a soft nude base encapsulates elegance in this half-moon manicure, offering a modern twist on a classic design.

Burgundy Nails With a Glossy Topcoat and Matte Base

burgundy nails with a glossy topcoat and matte base

This chic approach to burgundy nails pairs a matte base with a high-shine glossy topcoat for a striking contrast that’s both sophisticated and stylish.

Burgundy Coffin Nails With a Shimmer Topcoat

burgundy coffin nails with a shimmer topcoat

Elevating the elegance, a shimmer topcoat captures light and adds a luxurious touch to the rich depth of the burgundy coffin nails.

Burgundy Nails With Leopard Print Accents

burgundy nails with leopard print accents

Adding leopard print accents to a burgundy base offers a daring and edgy twist to the classic nail color, blending sophistication with a touch of the wild.

Dark Burgundy Base With a Floral Stamp Design

dark burgundy base with a floral stamp design

Amplify the elegance of deep burgundy nails with the delicate contrast of floral stamp designs for a romantic touch.

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